TV Stands UK presents the Stil Stand range of TV Stands

Stil Stand STUK2071 Gloss Black TV StandThe ‘Stil Stand’ TV stand range by Stilexo is a very popular range of  modern, stylish TV stands currently available on the UK TV stand market.

Most well known for it’s trade-mark high-gloss finish, most Stil Stand TV stands are black glass, but there are many other designs such as the new wooden Stil-Stand TV stands available.

The high-gloss finish of a Stil Stand TV stand gives it a very distinctive look; the glossy, reflective black glass will add a touch of style and elegance to your lounge, bedroom, dining room or living space. Stil Stand TV stands are also commonly utilised in commercial environments such as bars, offices and receptions.

Clear glass Stil Stand TV stands are a highly popular choice, often incorporating aluminium legs for an attractive finish. There is also an example of a distinctive, high-gloss white Stil Stand TV stand which will suit a pristine, contemporary room.

Th various different shapes and sizes of Stil Stand TV stand will suit differing spaces and décor. The main difference in available shapes comes in terms of whether you require a corner TV stand or a rectangular stand to sit in an open space, though there are many variations including stands with curved shapes or strong, straight lines.

Different capacities for drawers and shelving sections are offered on the various types of Stil Stand TV stands, which will aid you in placing all your audio-visual equipment together neatly. Cable management systems are also present so that you may keep your cables tidy and tucked away in accordance with the elegant appearance of your stand.

You have a choice between a Cantilever TV stand which will support your flat-screen TV with adjustable brackets, or a stand designed so that your TV simply rests directly upon it.

Stil Stand TV stands are very high quality, durable products that will serve you for a long time. All glass used in Stil Stand products meets with British Standards for safety and toughness – the high density glass is reinforced. However, you must check the manufacturers guidelines to make sure that the weight and size of TV to be positioned on the stand is appropriate.

A Stil Stand TV stand will make an eye-catching centre piece for any room and will be a fantastic, long-lasting addition to your room’s interior design flavour.

Choosing a wooden TV Stand

JF207 Walnut & Piano Balck Glass TV Stand

When choosing a wooden TV stand you will find that there are many aesthetically pleasing and varied designs on the market.

Wooden TV stands are a great centre piece for any lounge,  bedroom, dining room or living space and can also work fantasticaly well in professional spaces such as receptions, cosy bars, or elegant offices.

Whether you prefer a space-saving corner TV stand, a cabinet style stand, simple shelf and drawer style wooden TV stand or an elaborate design piece, you will find variations to suit your space and design requirements.

There is a huge range of wooden TV stands available in terms of pricing; you will find great quality budget pieces that look superb at a very low price right through up to show-stopping, high-end pieces. A wooden TV stand can be a muted, understated support in a room or a ‘design feature’ centre piece, depending on your requirements

Matching the colour of the wood already featured in your décor to the colour of the wood in a wooden TV stand will not be difficult as there are many colours and shades available, from oaks, beeches and pines to dark wood finishes. If you do not wish your wooden TV stand to have that typical ‘wood’ look, then glossy, reflective or (non-wood) coloured finishes are also available. Brackets to support your flat screen will feature in certain designs, or you may prefer to simply position your self-supporting TV onto your wooden TV stand.

You can choose between options around shelving and drawers or cabinet space in your wooden TV stand. This will ensure that all gaming devices and games, cable-TV receivers, routers and DVD’s can be kept tidy in line with your space. Cable-tidy facilities should also be provided, and you may also prefer a wooden TV stand with casters.

Don’t forget to check that the size and weight of your TV matches up to the size and weight specifications of the wooden TV stand of your choice.

No matter what design you choose, your wooden TV stand will be easy to assemble if assembly is required, and will be a durable piece of furniture that offers you great value for money and an attractive look.

Interiors UK 2012 Exhibition

Here at we are off on our travels this weekend to visit the Interiors UK 2012 show at the NEC where several of our current suppliers will be exhibiting their TV Stands and highlighting new tv stands they are launching this year.

One supplier that will be there is BDI – home theatre is growing in popularity and BDI is an award winning manufacturer in this area.   They will be represented at the show by Optimum International showing off their sophisticated range of TV and Audio furniture.

We are also looking forward to meeting Jual Furnishings, a lovely friendly family firm from Wales who supply our most popular ranges of TV Stands – it will be nice to put some faces to voices on the telephone.

There are also sure to be many other suppliers of TV Stands present, and it will be good to meet them all so we can continue to offer the best range in the UK at the best prices in the UK by bringing you new suppliers to the site.

Roll on Sunday

Popular Contemporary Furniture – Glass TV Stands

Among the many popular designs of contemporary furniture, glass TV stands are truly an iconic modern feature. Whether intended for a large centrepiece for the lounge, elegant bedroom furniture or for that tucked away den hide-out, a glass TV stand will bring a further touch of sophistication to any room.

Easy to clean, great for storage and with a wide range of designs and styles, you will find that there is a glass TV stand to suit your needs and space. Whether your extras include satellite boxes, game consoles, routers, speakers or your DVD and game collection, a contemporary glass TV stand will house all your entertainment systems neatly and in style.

In compliment to the handy storage facilities, many glass TV stand designs feature slim-line dimensions to make the absolute most of your available space. You will also often come across examples of glass TV stands with bevelled corners so that you can tuck them into the corner of your room.

You will find that most glass TV stands come in either black or clear glass. All glass will need to meet British Standards in safety and quality so will tend to be toughened or reinforced. If you are looking for chrome to match your décor then examples of glass and chrome designs are common also.

Cable management systems for glass TV stands will ensure that you have quick and easy ways to make sure that all your cabling is kept out of sight. This will typically mean that at the rear of the stand is a back panel shaped to loop away your cabling.

Contemporary glass TV stands are designed to be easy to put together and you should be able to do this job in a matter of minutes even if you are not used to doing basic home DIY. An assembly guide will be provided in the pack and some stand manufacturers even have a telephone helpline in case you get stuck! You shouldn’t need this, however, as it will be a simple job; you can relax about getting your glass TV stand put together quickly and with minimal fuss.

Lastly, in the interest of safety and longevity of your product, always check that the size and weight specifications on the glass TV stand that you wish to purchase correlate with those of your TV. Even though all glass TV stands are toughened, you will still need to adhere to these guidelines.