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TV Stands UK is the premier site for supplying all styles and designs of TV stands in the UK. With a huge range of TV stands available, is a great resource for making sure you pick yourself a great TV stand to suit the space in mind.

All delivery is completely free within mainland uk on every product, so the price you see advertised on a product on is the price you will pay for it to arrive at your door. This makes us here at a fantastically good value service, whether you are supplying your home or your business environment with the furniture you need to support your audio-visual equipment. (Products are delivered within two to three days, with a signed for service – if you require your delivery more quickly than that you can pay a small charge of £7.95 to upgrade to next day delivery.) also offer to every customer a fourteen day ‘no-quibble’ money back guarantee on all products. This means that you can return your item or items for a full refund no matter what the reason for the return, leaving you free to examine your purchases once they arrive and ensure they match your décor and space perfectly.

The main TV stand styles that are available on include black glass TV stands, clear glass TV stands, cantilever TV stands, table-top TV stands, TV trolley & TV floor stands, corner TV stands, wooden TV stands and designer TV stands.

Top brands available on include: Stil Stand, Blok, BDI, Jual Furnishings, Peerless, Premier Mounts, Optimum, Iconic and Vogels,  there are many variations in colour, size, and design within these categories and so can be sure that you will find a TV stand to suit your need.

TV Stands UK is also a great place to purchase TV ceiling mounts and projector mceiling mounts, and accessories such as extra shelving components for your audio-visual equipment.

The pricing on ranges from incredible value budget choices of cheap TV stands which continue to reflect high-end values, right through to fashion-forward, cutting edge design pieces. All aspects of the industry and potential requirements of customers are catered for with fantastic value, exciting and contemporary products.

Black Glass TV Stands – An Elegant Item of Lounge Furniture

Stil Stand- Black Glass Corner TV Stand

Black glass TV stands are a popular choice within the modern home or office environment. They create a fresh, contemporary effect, adding style and a glossy look to any room.

Suited to the boardroom, the office, the bedroom, lounge or dining room, with the many different styles of black glass TV stand on offer you will be sure to find one suited to both your space and your budget.

Black glass TV stands are made of reinforced (or also called toughened) safety glass with either black or chrome legs. Styles with brackets, known as Cantilever TV Stands, are available to support flat screen televisions without a stand, or you can simply place your television set on top of the TV stand if it has it’s own support.

Prices vary hugely – you should be able to find an appropriate model of black glass TV stand no matter how limited or expansive your budgetary requirements are. Budget options are widely available at surprisingly low prices, starting at just £49.99 for a 32″ stand and also available are designer options for those looking at high-end choices.

You will find that many examples of black glass TV stands come in ‘corner stand’ style. These will be extremely economical with the space they occupy, having a very small ‘footprint’. Different models have various shelving and drawer options to store your audio visual equipment and game and DVD collections.

The smoked glass finish of black glass TV stands means they will set off many different kinds of interior decoration; some very homely models have curved lines and some are angular and of a more minimalist style.

Assembling your black glass TV stand will be a straightforward and quick job. Some manufacturers offer a help line that you can call if you have any trouble with assembly, though this should not be necessary. The black glass glass must adhere to all British safety standards so will be extremely tough and durable. Cable tidy options to complete the neat and tidy appearance of your black glass TV stand will be available.

Don’t forget to check the size and weight specifications of the black glass TV stand that you wish to purchase against the size and weight of the TV you want it to support.

Whichever model of black glass TV stand that you choose, you should find that it is a hard-wearing and attractive piece of furniture that adds to the comfort and style of any room, and all of them we sell at TV Stands UK come with free delivery within the UK as standard, so the price you see is the price you pay with no nasty shocks when you get to the checkout.

Choosing a glass TV Stand for the home

Jual Furnishings JF002 Black Glass Tv Stand

Jual Furnishings JF002 Black Glass Tv Stand

Among the many popular designs of contemporary furniture, glass TV stands are truly an iconic modern feature. Whether intended for a large centrepiece for the lounge, elegant bedroom furniture or for that tucked away den hide-out, a glass TV stand will bring a further touch of sophistication to any room.

Easy to clean, great for storage and with a wide range of designs and styles, you will find that there is a glass TV stand to suit your needs and space. Whether your extras include satellite boxes, game consoles, routers, speakers or your DVD and game collection, either a black glass TV stand or a clear glass tv stand will house all your entertainment systems neatly and in style.

In compliment to the handy storage facilities, many glass TV stand designs feature slim-line dimensions to make the absolute most of your available space. You will also often come across examples of glass TV stands with bevelled corners so that you can tuck them into the corner of your room.

You will find that most TV stands come in either black or clear glass. All glass will need to meet British Standards in terms of safety and quality so will always be toughened or reinforced. If you are looking for chrome to match your décor then examples of glass and chrome designs are common also.

Cable management systems for glass TV stands will ensure that you have quick and easy ways to make sure that all your cabling is kept out of sight. This will typically mean that at the rear of the stand is a back panel shaped to loop away your cabling.

Contemporary glass TV stands are designed to be easy to put together and you should be able to do this job in a matter of minutes even if you are not used to doing basic home DIY. An assembly guide will always be provided in the pack and some stand manufacturers even have a telephone helpline in case you get stuck! You shouldn’t need this, however, as it will be a simple job; you can relax about getting your glass TV stand put together quickly and with minimal fuss.

Lastly, in the interest of safety and longevity of your product, always check that the size and weight specifications on the glass TV stand that you wish to purchase correlate with those of your TV. Even though all glass TV stands are toughened, you will still need to adhere to these guidelines

Choosing a designer TV stand

BDI Avion Series Designer Wooden TV StandIf you are looking to purchase a designer TV stand, you may be amazed by the variety and quality of designs that are currently available.

First of all, you will need to assess your budget, as prices for designer TV stand options start in the hundreds but go up to the many thousands. No matter how high-tec and cutting edge you want your designer TV stand to be – there will be an option for you.

The range of colours and styles of designer TV stands available is very extensive. Materials used for designer TV stands tend to be glass, wood or metal but the variety of ways in which these materials are used create vastly different effects.

Designer TV stands available range from futuristic style designs to classic, antique style tv stands, and you will also find everything in between; for instance, fireplace style pieces can be very popular and a dramatic and effective centre piece for any room.

You may be able to choose between different finishes on your designer TV stand and even different options for lighting colour and positioning on the stand. Then you have a plethora of options around drawers, shelves and storage, with cable managament of course incorporated into your designer TV stand’s functioning. Designer TV stand options with or without casters are also available.

A large factor in your choice will also be size. There are designer TV stand pieces available that will fill whole walls in your rooms or much more compact pieces that are designed with high artistic principles in a more minimalist style. You will also need to check the specifications of the TV’s that you wish to support against the capability of your preferred stand to make sure that the size and weight specificatons match up.

When looking for a piece with a masive wow-factor that will make any special room highly memorable, you will be thrilled with the range of designer TV stands on the market. There are many incredibly fashionalble and elegant pieces that truly get outside the box of what we might expact a ‘TV stand’ to offer us.