The benefit of the TV cabinet over the TV stands is that it often looks neater and will fit in with a wide range of domestic styles and tastes in decor. The shiny, modern TV stand can look great in the shop, surrounded by spot lights and acres of gleaming technology, but will often look out of place when it arrives in the comparatively softer environment of the home. Also, what do you do with all those wires? In our wireless age it’s surprising how many miles of cabling it takes to connect the various bits of equipment.

The TV cabinet conveniently hides all of the cables and stops them looking unsightly. And then there’s the vast amount of disks that we all accumulate. TV cabinets provide the storage you need to keep everything tidy and accessible all in one smart and practical unit.

Choosing the right setting for your TV is a complicated task. There’s so much choice! Should it be sleek, contemporary and minimalist or should it be a softer piece of furniture that doesn’t look quite so ‘space-age’? Should it be a TV stand that displays all the technology to the full or a TV cabinet that shields all of the hardware from sight? Fortunately, there are options on the market to suite all tastes.

TV cabinets come in a wide range of styles, colours, shapes and sizes and for all they don’t look quite as edgy as the TV stand there are still a number of very modern looking models to choose from. TV cabinets are available in a range of traditional wooden finishes as well as lacquered and high-gloss effects for those wishing to be a little more adventurous. So, depending upon your taste and other furnishings you could get a TV cabinet in a walnut finish that would look sophisticated and timeless or in a more modern white or red high-gloss finish that wouldn’t look out of place in the swish, urban loft environment.

If you were to go for the TV cabinet choice then you’d be looking at a fuller piece of furniture; something with a bit of substance. As oppose to the TV stands, which tends to be rather stark and simply comprise a series of shelves, the TV cabinet is styled more like a cupboard and is likely to be contain internal storage. A typical TV cabinet will consist of shelving for accessories such as DVD player and satellite box which may be enclosed as well as drawers for the storage of discs and other items. The TV itself would be placed on top of the cabinet. Many cabinets are on castors for convenience and easy of movement.

The choice is yours. So whatever your needs, the perfect TV cabinet is waiting for you.