There are certain things you should look for in a TV cabinet or TV Stand – these essential items of home furniture are often found in bedrooms and are designed to hide the TV in a safe place while looking stylish and elegant.

So what should you look for?

It may sound obvious, but you need to be sure that your TV fits the cabinet – there’s no point in buying a TV cabinet that doesn’t cover up your TV or other items stored in it. If you’re buying a TV alongside your cabinet, consider measuring and buying both together – buying the TV to fit the cabinet is a great idea if you find a design you like – it may save you the worry of designing a solution to match your needs if you need to buy a new TV.

The doors you choose should be lightweight and easy to close and have some sort of catch so they can remain closed. The best doors fold into the cabinet instead of just remaining open, because then there’s no chance of accidentally walking to them in the middle of the night.

Glass doors on these display cabinets are often a good idea and given an elegant touch to your room – but it’s important to remember to make the wood of your choice match the wood of your bedroom – mismatched bedroom furniture is often a source of displeasure amongst those that sleep in there, so where possible choosing similar coloured woods and other finishes will help your pieces blend. If you can’t do that, go with light pine, as it matches almost everything and stays ‘in style’ far longer than darker woods.

Make sure there’s plenty of room for cables and a way to tuck your plug out of the way – you may want to take the back off the unit entirely, or there may just be a hole in the back. Or you may need to make one – no matter what type of hole your cabinet needs or already has, remember that you may have to fit more than one plug out of there. Being able to access those plugs is also an advantage that you may need to consider. As more people add wireless switches to their house, you may need a larger gap. All of these needs should be carefully considered when buying your cabinet.

Finally, find something that you actually like. TV cabinets come in a wide range of styles and finishes – and beyond functionality, they should be easy to care for and easy to live with, so your choice should be one that you enjoy.

Whatever your choice of, you’ll find that the best ones blend elegantly and unobtrusively with your own furniture. Choosing a style and design you like will help with that but as so many are designed to blend with other furniture it shouldn’t be a problem.