With the new range from Jual Furnishings the retro range is back and this is done with a smart use of Walnut consistent with their other range and smart ash spindles

Furnishing a home is no easy feat, as there’s a lot more than just the style of the furniture to consider. You also need to know how it will fit in with your current style. It can be hard to decide whether you should opt for a retro-infused design, or something a little more modern.

There’s also the size of the furniture to consider. Will it be enough to fill out the room, or will it be too cumbersome? Fortunately, there are a number of styles available while manage to partner a retro design while still giving a modern vibe, without being too selfish when it comes to floor space.

For example, Welsh furniture manufacturers Jual have a range of furniture that can turn any home into a modern but comfortable space that instils quality. The JF701 corner TV stand offers a sturdy base for your television, as well as for your other entertainment devices, such as games consoles and DVD players. The TV stand fits perfectly into any corner and displays your latest gadgets for all to see, as well as allowing easy access to your devices.

The JF702 TV stand offers the same quality as the corner TV stand, but can be placed against flat walls, and again gives consumers more than enough space for their devices. Both stands have a hole situated in the back, so all wires can be safely stored behind the unit instead of being on display and creating an eyesore.

As well as the TV stand, Jual offer a plethora of additional extras to give any home that comfortable but stylish look. Avid readers are able to showcase their collection in the JF707 walnut wide bookcase. As well as offering a modern take on bookshelves, there are also drawers available for any loose items or magazines, meaning that your collection doesn’t come across as too cumbersome. 

There are also a variety of tables available within the Jula range. The JF706 nested tables offer a space-saving solution for those in need of a table, but don’t have the space to occupy such a luxury. The tables neatly stack beneath each other and can easily be stored away.

Of course, any home needs to have its own focal point, many do this with wall decorations, whereas others may opt for furniture. Those who do decide on the latter should consider the JF705 console table. Simply place the table where you want to make the impression and watch the compliments pour in. Use it in the hallway to display all your family photos, or use it within the bedroom as a vanity table by simply hanging a mirror above it. Whatever you decide to use your console table for, you will find that it’s an investment you won’t look back on.

The high quality furniture range allows people to furnish their homes with quality furnishings while still being able to take their space into account. The prices of such furnishings mean that those interested in purchasing new furniture don’t have to break the bank to do so.