When you’ve got several options for storage, TV cabinets can often create your perfect solution when it comes to storing the collection of boxes, cables and more that make up your home entertainment system. Quite simply put, they are often the best solution between creating a haven from what can be a disorganised clutter versus having a place for everything that is custom designed to work with the needs of a Television display and storage unit.

Living room cabinets are often open plain affairs that allow you to store everything as close to your TV as possible. This combination of practicality and function makes them ideal to ensure that your TV cabinet is well used. Making sure they are designed for the weight and support needed for a TV of that size can make the difference between a poorly functioning, broken cabinet and a well-designed one. Ensuring too, that the cabinet is either adjustable or has space for all of your bits and pieces can make the difference between it looking overstuffed or comfortably used. Remember that games consoles have controllers and almost every TV or DVD currently comes with a remote control, so storage for them is also a must.

Bedroom cabinets are designed to hide pieces such as the TV and often have deep doors that swing open or tuck away to reveal the equipment inside. Caring for these is slightly harder than other objects as they can be tricky to keep clean and uncluttered. It’s easy too, to forget to close the doors properly, which can cause damage, or be bumped into at night/early morning. It’s good practice to get up and close these doors, if they don’t tuck away into the cabinet.

Wall mounted TV cabinets or other items that can be built into otherwise barely used recesses might be a solution to space problems in oddly shaped rooms. Leverage the shape of the recess to create a media storage area, or a place to keep your TV and it’s sundry pieces without creating an issue with other areas of the room.

In a child’s room, a TV cabinet can be an effective way of ‘putting away’ the TV for the evening and gives a great opportunity for adults to ensure that the child has access to the TV at appropriate times. When they are small it doesn’t even need to be locked, just close and store for appropriate, cosy play and watching. In a teenager’s room, locks may be used for the teenager to protect their stuff, rather than stopping them from accessing what is inside, and respecting this privacy can create bonds with parents that might otherwise be harder to come by. And it also makes it easier to tidy.

No matter what your choice, TV cabinets are the best choice for both out of sight and open plan storage and can create a great environment to store your TV and related media materials.</div>