Many people now own plasma, LCD or LED televisions, and this is a great feature for any home and can offer the user a superior viewing experience. Modern plasma televisions are large devices and can be difficult to integrate successfully into a room. However if you choose the right plasma TV stands you will find it much easier to incorporate your television into your living spaces.

There is a wide number of different LCD TV stands available. In fact the choice can be a little overwhelming for many consumers, and it can be difficult working out which TV stand would be best for your needs. Here are 5 easy steps to help you choose the right TV Stand or Cabinet for your living spaces.

Step 1: Size Matters
Make sure you measure the width, length and depth of the space you have available for your TV stand. Also measure the width of the television itself. Use these figures to help you choose plasma TV stands that will fit the space you have available and your television. You should always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before buying plasma TV stands. These guidelines will tell you useful operation details such as how much weight the stands can support.

Step 2: Height Considerations
The height of TV stands is very important to comfortable viewing. Televisions should be placed at around eye level when you are sitting down. Ask someone to help you measure the approximate eye level for viewers in your room. You can then you this figure to make sure you get a suitable TV stand. Stands that have height adjustment functions will also be useful in case you change your furniture or want to move the TV stand to another room.

Step 3: Additional Equipment
Modern TV stands can also be used to store your additional television equipment. This can include DVD players and satellite, cable and Freeview boxes. Make sure the TV stands you are looking at can provide enough shelving and space for all the devices you want to store.

Step 4: Ventilation
If you are storing electrical equipment in your TV stand then you will need to make sure they are ventilated (open backs, air flow grills etc). This will allow natural air flow to cool the equipment when it is operation. Devices like DVD players do get warm when in use but as long as they are properly stored and ventilated this should not be a problem

Step 5: Style and Design
Narrow down what plasma TV stands to look for by considering which styles and designs would best suit your room. For example glass TV stands will compliment most modern homes. However they can look out of place in rooms decorated in period styles. You may be much better off with a wooden TV cabinet finished in a more traditional style, this would help your television to integrate more successfully into your room design.