These days wooden TV Stands are available in a bewildering range of styles and designs that offer the consumer with not only an attractive method of displaying your television but a versatile one that allows the storage and display of all the accompanying peripherals and media. There are wooden TV Stands available in both traditional and contemporary designs, in a range of stunning high quality finishes from real wood to beautiful veneers so there should be something available to suit all tastes and décor.

Of course for the traditional home wooden TV stands are ideal as they are available in a number of finishes and conventional designs that could be easily matched to your existing furniture, and you can even get designs that look like antique pieces of furniture that are well suited to a period home. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of natural wood finishes to bring warmth and a feeling of quality to your furniture and room.

At TV Stands UK we already have a wide selection of wooden TV stands available and we are adding to these constantly, one of the latest additions to the range has been the TV Cabinets manufactured by the world leading manufacturer BDI and these are already proving to be very popular with the ardent audio and video connoisseur as well as those looking for a really high quality and classy piece of TV furniture. Still proving very popular in our wooden TV stands are the ranges manufactured by Jual and Core Products 

We have also seen an increase in the popularity of the more modern bench style wooden TV stands which with their sleek designs and combination of glass shelves and wooden side panels are a really nice clean looking design for the more modern home while retaining some of the warmth and beauty of the wood finish. Models such as the Jual Furnishings JF203-1100 Wooden TV Stand with its gorgeous curves and walnut finish bring the best of both worlds with its high tech design, real wood finish and glass shelves.

There are of course a few things to consider when you are looking to choose a wooden TV Stand, many of them are of a TV cabinet design and as such will have closed features such as solid wood or wood with glass doors. In these instances think about what is going to be inside as the components will generate heat, make sure that the wooden TV cabinet is well ventilated and if it has glass doors are they IR Remote Control friendly.

Have a look at our range of wooden TV stands, I am certain that there will be something to suit your requirements, and remember they all come with free delivery within the UK as standard, so no nasty shocks happen when you reach the checkout.